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Stage 2, Part 3: How to Install a Plug-in

I guess I’ve been through what I thought were the best plug-ins around, I think it’s about time I explained how to install those plug-ins.

There are a few ways to go about is, so I’ll just be going through the main ones here.

Search for It

Perhaps the simplest way to install a plug-in on your self hosted WordPress powered blog (please note that these tips only apply to your self hosted WordPress blog). What you’ve gotta do is find ‘Plugins’ on the left sidebar, scroll over it, and then click on ‘add new’.

From there, you just have to search up the plugin that you want to install, and then with a click on the button ‘Install Now’, you’ve just installed a plug-in for your WordPress powered blog. Please do note that you should activate it and check the settings upon installation.

Zip File Method

The second method is quite simply seeing you get the file for the plugin, whether it be in zip file or non zip file (normally it comes in a zip file). And if it isn’t, you’ve quite simply gotta zip the plugin folder up. For Macs, you can just install ‘iZip’, an application to zip files up. For Windows/other system users, it should be fairly straightforward. L

Lastly you’ve gotta on your dashboard, go into the ‘Plugins’ section and click ‘add new’ once again. Then they will give you an option to upload. Click on that and then upload your zip file. Simple, straightforward.

Hoped that you guys found this helpful. 🙂


Why Shift Over to Your Own Self Hosted WordPress Site

One question that always comes to me is, why make the shift from a regular WordPress blog to a self hosted WordPress powered site. I will explain a few of the reasons right here.


Essentially, what you get from WordPress is the ability to use scripts in your WordPress blog. With your regular WordPress.com , you are essentially limited to images that you add to the website or quite simply the widgets that they already provide.

With your own self hosted WordPress blog, you can select your theme (from an internet full of possibility), and you can select all the themes available in the WordPress database, along with the rest of the free themes out there. Furthermore, you can add toolbars among other interesting scripts to your blog.

Essentially, if you have an eye for detail and you want that awesome layout, that is the way for you.


Even if you upgrade to your own domain with WordPress.com, your ability to make money is very, very limited. Either you pay something like 2000 dollars a month for the VIP package or become one of the select few (and they are very, very selective) to join their premium ad network, and you seriously have got to have the traffic to join that group.

With your self hosted blog, you can add scripts and you really can add any type of advertising you want. From Google AdSense to AdBrite to even those in-content ads from ad networks such as Kontera and InfoLinks, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Money making is quite frankly much easier. You can make up your money really easily!


Come on, you don’t need me to explain this. With your own domain, the name of the website is much cleaner. Tell me, is bbc.co.uk easier to remember, or is bbc.wordpress.com easier to remember? So that’s simply the reason behind getting your domain.

It’s just more catchy!


Come on, everyone loves plug-ins! From the related post plug-in of LinkWithin to the SEO plug-ins that will help you get those searches in.

Any more questions, just leave a comment in the comments section below, would be happy to answer any questions! 🙂

Stage 5, Part 1: Making Money With Your Blog

Well, I’ve talked about content, setting up your blog, how to get traffic and making Facebook friends amongst other things.

Now I’ll be talking about how to make money with your WordPress blog.

My first message about making money with your WordPress blog is that there are so many different permutations regarding choosing the best way to make money. Here in this post, I will talk about them in general, rather than going into where you should go for such services. I’ll go into that next time.

The Short Term Plan: Banner Advertising

You want money fast, and you want it on the go? Then banner advertising is the way for you to go. This is when you add a script you get from your ad network (it could be Google AdSense, AdBrite and so many others) and this would be the one that you don’t lose PageRank by.

This one all depends on how much traffic you receive, as this one has nothing to do with PageRank. The script counts the number of impressions and clicks the advert receives, and gives out payments according to that. Most pay through CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) or CPC (cost per click).

The Short Term Plan: Link Advertising

One that I have experience high amounts of revenue with is link advertising. This would be when you are payed to put a link up on your blog. The reason why this is valuable? This one is most often not for the traffic – although it does make a difference – link advertising is mostly there to take a bit of your PageRank and reward you for it.

Realistically, you shouldn’t be thinking about this if your PageRank isn’t 2 or higher, as noone would really want to work with you if that was the case (sorry for being harsh, but that is the case with the real world).

The Short Term Plan: Affiliate Marketing

What is this? This is promoting another person’s product, and then selling it. It’s a great tool, as realistically, people are going to buy a product that someone recommends, rather than a product that someone created, and is trying to get full profits for.

That is simply the way that the world works. Affiliate marketing is great if you have an audience ready to dig into their pockets and pay for products.

The Long Term Plan: Build A List

For a lot of WordPress beginners, this will be new ground that I am about to cover. This also requires a lot of patience and work for it to succeed. The way it works is that you get people to subscribe to your e-mail list. Perhaps even give them a free product to sign up.

Then, in the future, you would be able to use that list to sell products to them. List building is perhaps one of the most valued tools in the online world, and it is one that is reliable along with sustainable. With a list, you can’t go wrong, but with that saying comes a lot of hard work and effort.

The Long Term Plan: Make Your Own Product

eBooks are all the rage these days, and I encourage you guys to make one. This is a long term plan because quite simply, if it is a timeless eBook, you will be able to sell it over and over again. That will be how you can make money.

Furthermore, you can always use ClickBank to market it further, with others getting their share for promoting your product. With eBooks – you hardly need to pay a dime – and quite simply, it’s profits all the way, so with an eBook that is actually full of partially valuable information, you can’t go wrong as well.

Stage 3, Part 1: Increasing Traffic to your Website

How to get traffic? That’s perhaps the most asked question out there on the internet. So here I’ll provide you guys a couple of tips as to how to do that.

Please do remember to like and subscribe for tips on how to make a successful WordPress blog. I will also begin to provide free products and tips very soon, so do subscribe to learn more about that in the future.

Commenting on Other Blogs

Most blogs have a comments section below their posts, and more often than not, the three things they’ll ask to put down are ‘name’, ‘e-mail address’ and ‘website’. Personally, I don’t know about you guys, but when I get a new comment on my blog – which is pretty positive – I tend to go and find out about the commenter him/herself. See their blogs. So that’s how the interaction begins.

There are two benefits for you here. If you post on a relatively popular blog, you will get a very small fraction of that traffic. Benefit one. The second benefit is Google PageRank, which I’ll go into more detail in the future. If you get lots of comments (not spam) on relatively high PR blogs/websites, you will reap the benefits of getting extra searches to your blog. It’s a win-win situation for you.

Note: do not post your link in your comment if they do have the options given above. It makes your comment look spammy, and almost over-indulgent.

Make Your Audience Love You

There are so many websites out there in the world. The question you must ask is, why should the audience visit you? One of the best traffic sources is through building a loyal readership – people who love what you write. That’s why, as with most things, content is king.

Many stories have been told about Google’s capability of destroying businesses with changes to their search algorithms, that’s why, the best way to get traffic – either from a list, or people who simply go to your blog on a regular basis. It’s simple as that. And to achieve this, you need to have great content. Stuff that people are actually going to read and love.

Social Networking

If you underestimate the power of social networking, your plans to build a successful website will be scuppered. Facebook and Twitter actually provides for a large proportion of my traffic on my websites. I have followed people and they have followed back – people of similar interest to that particular blog – and essentially, it is a free and excellent way to get free targeted traffic.

In all honesty, both Facebook and Twitter are very capable. I can’t pick a favourite in terms of traffic. Twitter allows things to go viral – eg. if you have 500 followers and you have a sensational piece on current affairs – people can retweet, it will spread, and it will go viral very easily.

With Facebook, you have more people who actually read your status updates, and click on your links. Everything more or less gets cluttered up on Twitter, with the vast amounts of Tweets that noone on Earth actually has any interest of reading in some cases. So remember, get the fans and followers, and you will build a steady and growing readership for your blog.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be a very powerful tool, as through this, you can spread your perspective and your style of writing to an absolutely new audience – most of the time – this would be a much bigger audience if you actually want to guest blog for them.

For example, even the most successful teenage Internet Marketer has others essentially do the work for him, writing him blog posts. Check this out if you’re interested in guest posting. Benefits? Well, there are many. He’s offering a link on his blog – one of the top in terms of PageRank out there on the internet, along with tapping into a little bit of that huge traffic that he receives each month.

You get new viewers, and if he likes your post, he gains a good post out of you. A win-win situation for both (although it really is a bigger win for you).

Stage 2, Part 2: Choosing Your Theme

Choosing your theme is very important, and I know that people on the internet want to try and make money – whilst spending as little money as possible as well, so here will be the page where I will share the many free themes that look great!

This will be my ‘home’ for themes. The go to page for all things themes on my blog. I’ll have one great theme that I would recommend on a particular sub-topic, and then I will make a page out of the sub-topic, so you can browse more themes that could fit your blog.

(note: this is still a work in progress, the pages aren’t up just yet, but it will within a few weeks)

  • Personal Blog

WordPress Theme: Journal Crunch

A free, WordPress theme that is great for personal blogs because it does have that casual yet professional feel to it. Great in catering the needs of photographers as well – with the featured images feature as well – really goes down well with those type of bloggers. Furthermore, the theme is generally well rounded and drop down menus as well. The top WordPress FREE theme for your WordPress blog.

Where to get it: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/12/09/journalcrunch-wordpress-3-0-theme-free-theme-for-portfolios-and-magazines/

  • Hybrids

  • WordPress Theme: Vintage and Blues

A theme that you can really use for anything. From building a news site to quite simply doing a personal blog, there is a lot of things you can actually do with this theme. A WordPress theme that I would recommend for people new to advertising as well.

Where to get it: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/01/28/vintage-and-blues-wordpress-themes/

  • Magazine Themes

WordPress theme: Scarlett

A great magazine theme, fitted with a slider that slides automatically along with a wicked looking design. Looks fantastic, and should be what you install if you’re looking for a Magazine theme for your WordPress site.

Where to get it: http://www.web2feel.com/scarlett-theme/

  • News Sites

WordPress Theme: Premium News

What can I say? WooThemes framework, fantastic SEO ready made set-up, fantastic looking theme, the ability to easily customize, lots of awesome featured post settings, and it just makes for a fantastic theme for you to have. Had this on a blog of mine, and it really did attract a lot of positive comments.

Where to get it: http://www.woothemes.com/2007/11/premiumnews/

If you need help to install a new WordPress theme, you don’t need to look any further than right here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Themes

Stage 2, Part 1: What Plug-ins Should You Install?

If you are just beginning to find your way around WordPress, you might encounter something new that you haven’t heard before – plug-ins.

They make life a lot easier for you, and quite frankly, it would be really hard to manage blogs without anti-spam plugins like Akismet, along with some Ad Rotators – which help to garner more income from strategically placed ads. So here’s a list of 7 plugins that I would highly recommend you installing on your WordPress blog.

#1: Akismet

Why not start with the plug-in that I recommended in the introduction paragraph? A great plug-in, and one that I use on all my blogs because of it’s excellent functionality. Takes away the spam so I don’t have to see it, and it also allows me on my main focus – getting visitors, getting more money, and quite simply improving my blog.

Where to download it: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/akismet/

#2: The Wibiya Toolbar

A great tool to not only impress your viewers with it’s pizazz, but it will massively improve your presence on the web – it helps to get more interaction going, allows people to like and follow you on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and it allows for people to subscribe your blog too! What more could you want from a toolbar?

Where to find it: http://wibiya.conduit.com/

(The steps are easy to follow on the website)

#3: Jetpack

Stats, URL shortener, allows easier embedding of videos from sites such as YouTube, a widget capable of showing latest tweets, a plug-in that allows for easier sharing – sharing buttons, and so much more! JetPack is a WordPress plug-in from the guys at Automattic, and it provides updates on a regular basis – constantly improving that plug-in of theirs. For me, a must have – especially because of the stats!

Where to download it: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/jetpack/

#4: All in One SEO Pack

There are a few good SEO related plug-ins, but I reckon All in One SEO pack is the best that no money can get you. Easy to use, easy to understand and essentially a very good all around plug-in that will do a lot of that SEO stuff that you don’t need to know (at least I don’t) for you!

Where to download it: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/

#5: LinkWithin

There are quite a number of related posts plug-ins/widgets out there on the internet, but here’s one of the best for you. Providing clean, professional looking related posts at the bottom of posts. Easily customizable and just fantastic on the eye.

Where to download it: http://linkwithin.com