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How to Clear your Autocomplete History on Mozilla Firefox 17

Here’s just a short tutorial video showing how you can get rid of your Autocomplete History on Mozilla Firefox 17.


1. Click on the “Firefox” on the top left hand corner

2. Scroll over “History”

3. Click “Clear Recent History”

4. There will be a form to select what you want to clear. Check Search History and Autocomplete.

Voila, you’re done.


How To Make it Look Like You Get 999 Friend Requests on Facebook

Perhaps something that many people on the internet want to know, this would be how to create those images with captions like “like my status and you’ll get 999 friend requests like me”.

The thing is, it’s really easy to do!

You can also do this with your notifications and messages too!

First step: Log into Facebook

Second step: Double right click the friend requests and click on ‘Inspect elements’. (Windows)

You will get something like this:

Or basically, a lot of mumbo jumbo that you guys really don’t need to know about.

Step 3: UseControl+F for non-mac users, and you can see that you can search the mumbo jumbo for specific things. Then enter “<span id=”requestsCountValue”>. This is something like what you should get:

Step 4: Double click on the number, and change the value! There you go, all done!

Amazon Studios: Great In Concept, But Will it Work?

*NON WP POST* Hey guys, gonna be talking about the almost revolutionary Amazon Studios today, and I have to say, I love the idea.

If you live under a rock, go here to learn more about Amazon Studios.

I absolutely love the concept of constant improving movie ideas before ultimately coming to a ‘perfect end product’ amongst people who watch the film. I absolutely love it. Furthermore, I am a supporter of people being rewarded for their hard work, and I most certainly think that those hidden gems in scripts should really be rewarded by having more people view their hard work.

I am also a believer that what you see on paper, doesn’t necessarily translate directly on the big screen, it is quite simply impossible, so I really like the idea that they will actually have these directors working on a rather small budget production of the film for a public audience before deciding to push through and decide what to do with the script. It is quite simply a great idea.

But I can’t help but think about the cost of failure should Amazon Studios fails. Imagine the cost for the directors, along with the actual script to Amazon if the movie doesn’t necessarily appeal to the public audience – or quite simply – the director does a very poor job of translating the script’s message onto the big screen. So, what happens there? Does the script just go to waste? That’s the only thing that I find slightly odd about the project.

I strongly believe that Amazon Studios will lead to the creation of numerous big hits amongst the public, reason being that it generally has that ‘from the public, for the public’ feel to the concept, with the public adding their own annotations and ideas to the scripts if they prove handy.

So, what do you guys think of it? Flop or hit? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stage 3, Part 1: Increasing Traffic to your Website

How to get traffic? That’s perhaps the most asked question out there on the internet. So here I’ll provide you guys a couple of tips as to how to do that.

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Commenting on Other Blogs

Most blogs have a comments section below their posts, and more often than not, the three things they’ll ask to put down are ‘name’, ‘e-mail address’ and ‘website’. Personally, I don’t know about you guys, but when I get a new comment on my blog – which is pretty positive – I tend to go and find out about the commenter him/herself. See their blogs. So that’s how the interaction begins.

There are two benefits for you here. If you post on a relatively popular blog, you will get a very small fraction of that traffic. Benefit one. The second benefit is Google PageRank, which I’ll go into more detail in the future. If you get lots of comments (not spam) on relatively high PR blogs/websites, you will reap the benefits of getting extra searches to your blog. It’s a win-win situation for you.

Note: do not post your link in your comment if they do have the options given above. It makes your comment look spammy, and almost over-indulgent.

Make Your Audience Love You

There are so many websites out there in the world. The question you must ask is, why should the audience visit you? One of the best traffic sources is through building a loyal readership – people who love what you write. That’s why, as with most things, content is king.

Many stories have been told about Google’s capability of destroying businesses with changes to their search algorithms, that’s why, the best way to get traffic – either from a list, or people who simply go to your blog on a regular basis. It’s simple as that. And to achieve this, you need to have great content. Stuff that people are actually going to read and love.

Social Networking

If you underestimate the power of social networking, your plans to build a successful website will be scuppered. Facebook and Twitter actually provides for a large proportion of my traffic on my websites. I have followed people and they have followed back – people of similar interest to that particular blog – and essentially, it is a free and excellent way to get free targeted traffic.

In all honesty, both Facebook and Twitter are very capable. I can’t pick a favourite in terms of traffic. Twitter allows things to go viral – eg. if you have 500 followers and you have a sensational piece on current affairs – people can retweet, it will spread, and it will go viral very easily.

With Facebook, you have more people who actually read your status updates, and click on your links. Everything more or less gets cluttered up on Twitter, with the vast amounts of Tweets that noone on Earth actually has any interest of reading in some cases. So remember, get the fans and followers, and you will build a steady and growing readership for your blog.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be a very powerful tool, as through this, you can spread your perspective and your style of writing to an absolutely new audience – most of the time – this would be a much bigger audience if you actually want to guest blog for them.

For example, even the most successful teenage Internet Marketer has others essentially do the work for him, writing him blog posts. Check this out if you’re interested in guest posting. Benefits? Well, there are many. He’s offering a link on his blog – one of the top in terms of PageRank out there on the internet, along with tapping into a little bit of that huge traffic that he receives each month.

You get new viewers, and if he likes your post, he gains a good post out of you. A win-win situation for both (although it really is a bigger win for you).

Stage 1, Part 2: Hosting, and Other Administrative Stuff

So here’s where I go into how you buy your domains, along with how to get your website set up with WordPress if you decide not to go with the expensive ‘beginner’s way to set up a website’.

So here, I will be talking about where you should buy your websites, along with who to set up your website with.

WordPress.com Hosting
Price: USD 18
This one can be set up by going to the dashboard section in WordPress.com. (*For people just creating a new website, you have got to go to the “Create a Website” section, it’s self explanatory from there) You just go to the upgrades section and everything is very straightforward from there.

The pros and cons are easy to see. Like my summary, WordPress.com hosting is short and sweet. It is easy, and their support staff is just fantastic. But there is a downside to this, with there being high prices for this way of web hosting. It comes with a price, this being about USD18 per year. Good value, but there is much better value out there on the internet. Furthermore, you won’t be allowed to run Ads, unless of course you get good, high quality (and they are really strict on this) traffic towards your blog. Did I mention you need a lot of it? There is another exception. But you need to pay USD 3750 per month. Crazy. So, if you are planning to make money through WordPress.com, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it – although you can indeed make a list through this.

Non WordPress Blog Hosting
The steps for this are different, and I hope that you guys can follow. Essentially, you need to buy a domain, before paying for the web hosting, which will then be able to start you off. Essentially, the price of the web hosts I list later are not including the price for the actual domain.

Where to buy your domain is up to you. Most of the time, you have to point your DNS to your web hosting website – they have the how-to instructions on the websites. Where to buy domains from? I recommend NameCheap, along with Domain.com for this. They come with prices of around USD 3 per year, pretty good value for your money, coupled with reliability.

Hostgator Hosting
Price: USD 4.95 a month

My personal recommendation for your web hosting needs. Cheap and relatively easy to understand. Hassle free and you get to control so much more than WordPress.com hosted sites. The themes available on WordPress are all readily available at the same prices, and you get the whole web’s worth of themes as well – in that aspect, you’r not missing out.

The pros for Hostgator hosting, include great support, cPanel support (which trust me, is a great asset to creating e-mails to do with your domain) along with it being uber reliable – 99.9% reliable, as they say. They’ve been in the business for a while, and they are perhaps the best out there. There aren’t many cons when it comes to Hostgator – but their prices for domains are ridiculous. DON’T buy domains from them. Prices will increase as you require more bandwidth.

Nearly Free Speech (NearlyFreeSpeech.net)
Price: From USD 0.25 per month
I love Nearly Free Speech – the reason is because they charge according to how much bandwidth you use. Great for newbies just looking to test web blogging out, because this will massively low the costs of the blogger.

The pros for Nearly Free Speech is that it is freaking USD 0.25 a month! Who wouldn’t want a deal like that! To be honest, if you are getting high traffic, I personally don’t think that Nearly Free Speech is the way forward for you, I would go with those USD 7.95 for unlimited bandwidth sorta deals. Those are more for you. Furthermore, there is no SSL (secure sockets layer) – no static IPs for all sites. A small difference, but a difference nonetheless.

The Others
The three I recommended above are three that I thought that people like you and me would take. I had the beginner’s way – simple, but expensive. The neutral way – good value for money. And I also showed you guys the uber cheap way – although it varies with traffic.

Others that I would recommend include:
*Bluehost: Unlimited bandwidth, along with a lot more unlimited things at USD 6.95 . For the pros of blogging, I guess – when you need that bandwidth.
*Dreamhost: Easy to use. USD 8.95 and comes packed with lots of features, including free domain registration – it saves lots of time as well – with it being packed together, no complicated DNS pointing among other bothersome chores. The more assessable web host.

And there you have it! 5 ways to web hosting! Be sure to come back once you’ve gotten your site online to see what to do next!

Stage 1, Part 1: What is your website going to be about?

So, before you get into hosting and more complicated web design and the actual posting, you’re going to have to decide what you are going to write about.

What I personally recommend is blogging about something that you love writing, although it also has to be something that you would actually get a decent amount of traffic from elsewhere. Whether it be reviews, a personal blog or simply a site where you vent your opinion on anything (whether it be politics, football like me, or even the world of motorsports), the possibilities are virtually endless.

If you listen to my advise, you will be able to get lots of tips to start your blog, so do follow me.

So, carrying on, you need to decide on what exactly you want to write about – do take your time with this, because this is actually very important – you don’t want to spend 4 hours a week fitting themes and conjuring posts up for 2 months before deciding that the topic of which you are talking about isn’t for you, or simply isn’t for the general public – not enough traffic. Because rest assured, with me, you’ll learn how to get quality traffic, good SEO and simply lots of viewers if you simply check up on my blog every now and then. The way that I explain things is chronological, and you can simply follow on with every single step – or even search particular topics, and I am sure that you will find what you’re looking for within time.

So, do take something like 10 minutes deciding on the topic of your blog. If you’re really lazy and you’re actually looking for ‘passive income’ right now, here are a few topics that I would recommend:

A Recipes Website: Perhaps the most easiest way to get traffic via SEO once your posts are done. Most recipes are all relevant in the modern world, and as the saying goes, eventually someone’s going to find it. Google can be of great assistance, and with resilience, a website in this category can be big.

Self Improvement Websites: People are always hungry for knowledge, so if you offer them advice on self improvement, someone is going to want to view the blog. I can guarantee you this. If you give good advice, your website can spread pretty quickly.

A Personal Blog: Has the potential to be really successful, but you really need to have that ‘it’ factor in your life. It has to be interesting, or quite simply, the way you present yourself is innovative. Photography blogs are always nice – they’re the reason why GIFBoom and Instagram, along with Tumblr are all the rage.

WordPress Related Blogs: I’m writing a WordPress related blog and I’m recommending you guys a couple of things. The fact that you guys are reading this right now is testament to the power of this particular niche.

The Name
What’s in a domain?

Everything! Well, almost everything. Branding is so important – that’s why picking the right title and domain for your website is an absolute essential. People remember you by the name of your blog, and this will create your very own presence on the internet.

For example, do your think that people would actually know what AIG stands for? Most people just recognize it as AIG and don’t remember the full name of the company. So keep your blog’s name is short – or at least have an acronym that is easy to search up.