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Video Game Review: Sleeping Dogs | Infernal Affairs

Since the next GTA game is about to come out, I decided to treat myself to some Sleeping Dogs gameplay, and I must say, it is an absolute masterclass.

If anyone knows the movie Infernal Affairs, you’ll see the reference. I even Google-ed Sleeping Dogs and Infernal Affairs alongside each other, and a lot of other reviewers out there can see the obvious reference. A fantastic film, and one that I would recommend that you guys catch before or after playing this game. Both ways, it is nice. (remember to get a subtitled version if you ain’t Chinese like me :D)

So, the storyline goes like this.

It’s modern day Hong Kong (or at least close to it) and you play the role of Wei Shen. An inspector, and a coincidental bump into an old friend in Jackie (I believe, might have forgotten who it actually was) starts your mission of being an undercover cop.

A fantastic laid out game. Lots and lots of missions both as a cop and a triad member, and you got lots of chasing, hijacking and well, the world of the triads. You’ve also got that occasional police job, this being stifling out a gang which is smuggling. Quite simply, a fantastic game.

Love the environmental attacks too. There’s one scene where you can grapple (basically grab) an enemy and throw him on some marlin head. This game is not afraid to be gory, perhaps a bit unlike it’s GTA brother.

Got that GTA feel to it in terms of missions, the map, but it is a huge map. So many places where you can travel, and thankfully, you can take Taxis to your destination as well, which is a huge plus of the game. Really like it, don’t waste time with the traveling. Neat.

Personally a bit scared of Mrs Chu, one of the characters in the game who gets you to try and find the people who conspired to kill her son. She’s some sort of butcher/restaurant owner, so she kills all of them and mixes them into a stew. Lovely.

The story is fantastic. (I mean come on, this is essentially Infernal Affairs, one of the best Hong Kong dramas ever) Gameplay is fantastic. Definitely buy it! (although I’ve heard that the PC version crashes a lot, so you should go for the PS3 or XBOX 360 copy).

Happy playing!