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Make Money Reading E-Mails!

*NON WP POST* No spam, no rubbish, and S$0.55 for about every 10 e-mails that you read. Sounds too good to be true, eh? But it’s true. There is in fact a service which allows you to make that kind of money.

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Introducing to you guys a revolutionary way to make money online: E-mail Cash Pro.

I’ve had first hand experience using E-mail Cash Pro, and I have to admit, it is a very interesting service. When you sign up, you will get the option to choose your interests, this will then translate into the e-mails that you will receive over the next few weeks. It really is quite simple.

And what of the e-mails? Most are just e-mails selling products, e-mails that are encouraging you to sign up for their lists, and quite simply, it is quite a simple way to make money. I mean, S$ (Singaporean Dollar) 0.55 is a deal unlike almost any other out there on the internet.

The way it works, is that you will receive those e-mails and then you will be given credits for the number of e-mails that you read. You are given 1.0 worth of credit per e-mail. (each one worth roughly S$0.40 to 0.55). The value of each credit is determined by how much the website earns each month, with the readers receiving 40% of all revenue the website makes each month.

10 e-mails usually amounts to S$0.55, although it takes like a month to be able to read those 10 e-mails, but it is an easy way to make money.

But it is their referrals which can really earn some big money. They allow you to make money over 4 levels of referral – which means that you will be making money off someone that you referred’s referral’s referrals’ referral. Can you imagine the possibilities with that? It is quite simply a great and LEGIT way to earn money over the internet.

It might be relatively slow to make money with the referrals, but it is indeed worth it for just 2 minutes a week opening up e-mails. It can even be passive (don’t need to read e-mails or anything) once your referrals are set-up. It is a fantastic way of earning money!

So, what are you waiting for! Click here to join E-mail Cash Pro today!