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How to Change Your WordPress Blog’s Favicon

A lot of people ask how to change the icon, or the favicon rather, of a WordPress blog, so here are a few easy ways to do this.

I’ll be talking about how to change your Favicon on a self-hosted WordPress blog (this being the one with your own domain) and then I will move on to how you can change it on a WordPress hosted blog.

So, what exactly is that Favicon? It’s that icon beside your address, tiny detail, but it is attention to small detail that is essential to standing out on the internet.

Beside the website address, there is an icon, and that’s what I’m going to help you change it.

Method 1: A Plug-in (Self-hosted)

The plug-in is called WSA Favicon, and it is the most credible Favicon altering plug-in there is on the market. It is very easy to do, and quite simply, very self explanatory.

Method 2: Coding (Self-hosted)

Everyone’s scared to code. I know that. Even I am. But this is really easy. First of all, you’re going to have to get a 50×50 picture and either upload it on the internet, or have it ready. (you can just do a google search and use that address). So you’re going to need that address for the next step.

Next, you’re going to need to go to Appearances > Editor , and then you’re going to stick this code <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”faviconpath” />. The “faviconpath” part is where you need to replace with the url of where your image is located. Easy.

Method 3: WordPress.com Users!

Very easy. Go to Settings > General . On the right hand side of the image, there is a part that says “Change Blog Icon/Picture”. Upload your picture there, and you’re ready to go!


How To Make it Look Like You Get 999 Friend Requests on Facebook

Perhaps something that many people on the internet want to know, this would be how to create those images with captions like “like my status and you’ll get 999 friend requests like me”.

The thing is, it’s really easy to do!

You can also do this with your notifications and messages too!

First step: Log into Facebook

Second step: Double right click the friend requests and click on ‘Inspect elements’. (Windows)

You will get something like this:

Or basically, a lot of mumbo jumbo that you guys really don’t need to know about.

Step 3: UseControl+F for non-mac users, and you can see that you can search the mumbo jumbo for specific things. Then enter “<span id=”requestsCountValue”>. This is something like what you should get:

Step 4: Double click on the number, and change the value! There you go, all done!

What Would You Guys Like to See Me Post About?

So, I’ve posted about how to install WordPress themes and plug-ins, the best plug-ins and themes in the business, along with fancy ways to get money online. Now begs the question.

Is there anything else you guys want to learn how to do? I’m open to teaching you guys how to do it, just leave a comment in the comments section below, and I’ll answer it promptly.

Stage 2, Part 3: How to Install a Plug-in

I guess I’ve been through what I thought were the best plug-ins around, I think it’s about time I explained how to install those plug-ins.

There are a few ways to go about is, so I’ll just be going through the main ones here.

Search for It

Perhaps the simplest way to install a plug-in on your self hosted WordPress powered blog (please note that these tips only apply to your self hosted WordPress blog). What you’ve gotta do is find ‘Plugins’ on the left sidebar, scroll over it, and then click on ‘add new’.

From there, you just have to search up the plugin that you want to install, and then with a click on the button ‘Install Now’, you’ve just installed a plug-in for your WordPress powered blog. Please do note that you should activate it and check the settings upon installation.

Zip File Method

The second method is quite simply seeing you get the file for the plugin, whether it be in zip file or non zip file (normally it comes in a zip file). And if it isn’t, you’ve quite simply gotta zip the plugin folder up. For Macs, you can just install ‘iZip’, an application to zip files up. For Windows/other system users, it should be fairly straightforward. L

Lastly you’ve gotta on your dashboard, go into the ‘Plugins’ section and click ‘add new’ once again. Then they will give you an option to upload. Click on that and then upload your zip file. Simple, straightforward.

Hoped that you guys found this helpful. 🙂

Why Shift Over to Your Own Self Hosted WordPress Site

One question that always comes to me is, why make the shift from a regular WordPress blog to a self hosted WordPress powered site. I will explain a few of the reasons right here.


Essentially, what you get from WordPress is the ability to use scripts in your WordPress blog. With your regular WordPress.com , you are essentially limited to images that you add to the website or quite simply the widgets that they already provide.

With your own self hosted WordPress blog, you can select your theme (from an internet full of possibility), and you can select all the themes available in the WordPress database, along with the rest of the free themes out there. Furthermore, you can add toolbars among other interesting scripts to your blog.

Essentially, if you have an eye for detail and you want that awesome layout, that is the way for you.


Even if you upgrade to your own domain with WordPress.com, your ability to make money is very, very limited. Either you pay something like 2000 dollars a month for the VIP package or become one of the select few (and they are very, very selective) to join their premium ad network, and you seriously have got to have the traffic to join that group.

With your self hosted blog, you can add scripts and you really can add any type of advertising you want. From Google AdSense to AdBrite to even those in-content ads from ad networks such as Kontera and InfoLinks, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Money making is quite frankly much easier. You can make up your money really easily!


Come on, you don’t need me to explain this. With your own domain, the name of the website is much cleaner. Tell me, is bbc.co.uk easier to remember, or is bbc.wordpress.com easier to remember? So that’s simply the reason behind getting your domain.

It’s just more catchy!


Come on, everyone loves plug-ins! From the related post plug-in of LinkWithin to the SEO plug-ins that will help you get those searches in.

Any more questions, just leave a comment in the comments section below, would be happy to answer any questions! 🙂

Stage 4, Part 2: Produce Valuable Content

Lesson 2 of my content school, and it is to produce valuable content for your audience. Something that they would want to recommend or quite simply share.

If you want to have a loyal readership, this one is absolutely key. Essentially, I think that a good readership is far more powerful than producing timeless content. The reason is simply because with timeless content, you’re relying literally 100% on Google (well, other search engines count too, but I guess it works out in the end).

You need to produce content that is contemporary yet something that can be easily understood even within a couple of year’s time, that would essentially be the best way to make money on the internet – producing a solid readership, along with getting those searches in to bring new readers.

This is actually one of the principles that I always write my blogs with, reason being that if people find the content valuable, they will return and even subscribe – which is ultimately my aim. To get new readers, and keep them on the website in the future. It’s what my target is, and realistically, it should be what you guys are targeting as well.

Top news agencies and blogs all have editors in all sorts of departments simply to avoid a PR disaster – something that will cause the website/news agency to lose their reputation. That’s the very reason why putting out valuable but factual information is so important. Opinion doesn’t count in this case, because it’s quite simply you putting your point of view across.

Stage 5, Part 2: Choosing Your Ad Network

I talked about banner advertising in the previous posts, so here I’ll provide more depth into the best advertising networks around, and what you can make money with.

Banner Advertising

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is perhaps one of the first few ad networks that will pop up in essentially everyone’s minds when thinking about top ad networks. Realistically, if you get past their long list of terms and conditions, you are in a position to make a decent amount of money with Google AdSense, but realistically, you would want a decent amount of traffic if you wanna put AdSense up.

The reason is because when I had traffic of around 200 a day, I only managed something in the region of US$5 a month. A really small amount. I reckon a better tactic would be to build up more traffic first – as you might chase some away with adverts before adding ads to your website.

Google AdSense provides for most of the usual ad sizes, including the classic 300×250 along with your vertical and horizontal skyscrapers. Reliable and perhaps one of the better paying.

(Note: This isn’t proven, but I recommend having Google analytics for your blog before submission. It increases your chances of getting into the network immensely)

Get Adsense Here: https://www.google.com/adsense/


In AdBrite you get quick admission into the network, although you sacrifice professionalism in the adverts. They usually come in odd colour schemes and they generally look pretty odd. You get quite a bit (perhaps a bit higher if you talk about impressions along than Adsense) of money for running the ads on your website.

It is one of the better few ad networks out there in terms of value, but as I said, you do sacrifice that professionalism in the layout of your blog. You can sell ads directly from your website as well, that being pretty interesting.

Get Adbrite Here: http://adbrite.com


A really competitive advertising company. Provides you everything you really need for the pros of advertising. It is one of the few that allows you to accept and reject the advertisements that you are going to see on your site, and the support on the site is great as well.

Personally, I think that the advertisements yield too little money, but it is indeed a worthy sacrifice to make to get features such has having their great support along with the huge amount of customizable options they have on offer. It is one that you guys should definitely try, as the benefits that come with BlogAds are immense.

Get BlogAds Here: http://blogads.com

In Text Advertising


Now, here comes a whole bit of explaining on my part. In text advertising means that these adverts will pop up (not exactly like a pop-up, but it will open this kinda mini browser showing an ad related to the keyword) and then you earn money for the impressions and clicks it gets.

I guess it does make sense and it does bring your readers to adverts that are actually really contextual in some cases. InfoLinks provides a good deal for your hard work, and it is one that looks pretty professional as well. If you wanna try one, go for InfoLinks.



The reason for me recommending this is because it is also great on mobile, something that will become very big in the very near future. Like InfoLinks, it does look pretty professional, with their pop-ups usually relevant with the wide selection of advertisements the network has.

So, be sure to try Kontera.