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How to Clear your Autocomplete History on Mozilla Firefox 17

Here’s just a short tutorial video showing how you can get rid of your Autocomplete History on Mozilla Firefox 17.


1. Click on the “Firefox” on the top left hand corner

2. Scroll over “History”

3. Click “Clear Recent History”

4. There will be a form to select what you want to clear. Check Search History and Autocomplete.

Voila, you’re done.


Video Game Review: Sleeping Dogs | Infernal Affairs

Since the next GTA game is about to come out, I decided to treat myself to some Sleeping Dogs gameplay, and I must say, it is an absolute masterclass.

If anyone knows the movie Infernal Affairs, you’ll see the reference. I even Google-ed Sleeping Dogs and Infernal Affairs alongside each other, and a lot of other reviewers out there can see the obvious reference. A fantastic film, and one that I would recommend that you guys catch before or after playing this game. Both ways, it is nice. (remember to get a subtitled version if you ain’t Chinese like me :D)

So, the storyline goes like this.

It’s modern day Hong Kong (or at least close to it) and you play the role of Wei Shen. An inspector, and a coincidental bump into an old friend in Jackie (I believe, might have forgotten who it actually was) starts your mission of being an undercover cop.

A fantastic laid out game. Lots and lots of missions both as a cop and a triad member, and you got lots of chasing, hijacking and well, the world of the triads. You’ve also got that occasional police job, this being stifling out a gang which is smuggling. Quite simply, a fantastic game.

Love the environmental attacks too. There’s one scene where you can grapple (basically grab) an enemy and throw him on some marlin head. This game is not afraid to be gory, perhaps a bit unlike it’s GTA brother.

Got that GTA feel to it in terms of missions, the map, but it is a huge map. So many places where you can travel, and thankfully, you can take Taxis to your destination as well, which is a huge plus of the game. Really like it, don’t waste time with the traveling. Neat.

Personally a bit scared of Mrs Chu, one of the characters in the game who gets you to try and find the people who conspired to kill her son. She’s some sort of butcher/restaurant owner, so she kills all of them and mixes them into a stew. Lovely.

The story is fantastic. (I mean come on, this is essentially Infernal Affairs, one of the best Hong Kong dramas ever) Gameplay is fantastic. Definitely buy it! (although I’ve heard that the PC version crashes a lot, so you should go for the PS3 or XBOX 360 copy).

Happy playing!

How To Make it Look Like You Get 999 Friend Requests on Facebook

Perhaps something that many people on the internet want to know, this would be how to create those images with captions like “like my status and you’ll get 999 friend requests like me”.

The thing is, it’s really easy to do!

You can also do this with your notifications and messages too!

First step: Log into Facebook

Second step: Double right click the friend requests and click on ‘Inspect elements’. (Windows)

You will get something like this:

Or basically, a lot of mumbo jumbo that you guys really don’t need to know about.

Step 3: UseControl+F for non-mac users, and you can see that you can search the mumbo jumbo for specific things. Then enter “<span id=”requestsCountValue”>. This is something like what you should get:

Step 4: Double click on the number, and change the value! There you go, all done!

What Would You Guys Like to See Me Post About?

So, I’ve posted about how to install WordPress themes and plug-ins, the best plug-ins and themes in the business, along with fancy ways to get money online. Now begs the question.

Is there anything else you guys want to learn how to do? I’m open to teaching you guys how to do it, just leave a comment in the comments section below, and I’ll answer it promptly.

Amazon Studios: Great In Concept, But Will it Work?

*NON WP POST* Hey guys, gonna be talking about the almost revolutionary Amazon Studios today, and I have to say, I love the idea.

If you live under a rock, go here to learn more about Amazon Studios.

I absolutely love the concept of constant improving movie ideas before ultimately coming to a ‘perfect end product’ amongst people who watch the film. I absolutely love it. Furthermore, I am a supporter of people being rewarded for their hard work, and I most certainly think that those hidden gems in scripts should really be rewarded by having more people view their hard work.

I am also a believer that what you see on paper, doesn’t necessarily translate directly on the big screen, it is quite simply impossible, so I really like the idea that they will actually have these directors working on a rather small budget production of the film for a public audience before deciding to push through and decide what to do with the script. It is quite simply a great idea.

But I can’t help but think about the cost of failure should Amazon Studios fails. Imagine the cost for the directors, along with the actual script to Amazon if the movie doesn’t necessarily appeal to the public audience – or quite simply – the director does a very poor job of translating the script’s message onto the big screen. So, what happens there? Does the script just go to waste? That’s the only thing that I find slightly odd about the project.

I strongly believe that Amazon Studios will lead to the creation of numerous big hits amongst the public, reason being that it generally has that ‘from the public, for the public’ feel to the concept, with the public adding their own annotations and ideas to the scripts if they prove handy.

So, what do you guys think of it? Flop or hit? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

The FASTEST Way To Get FB Friends For Free, No Kidding

Been experimenting lately, and I think I’ve finally found the fastest possible way to get Facebook friends for free, and I guess I should have taken the clue from the word ‘social’ in the app’s name.

The game, ‘The Sim’s Social’ seriously adds people like wildfire. Everyone wants gifts to improve their Sim and essentially, it is the ultimate Facebook adding free for all, one that is unlike anything other, including Restaurant City, Tetris Battle etc.

My results from a few days of quite plainly going “Add Me :)” on the App’s latest status update have been tremendous. It’s been something like 20 friend request for every comment that I put on their wall, and there is even more to be done if you wanna get lots of friends.

What’s interesting is that each one of the app’s posts can garner a total of 2,000 comments. And what’s even more interesting is the fact that they are dominated by comments saying ‘Add me, I’ll give gifts’ etc. That just indicates that there is a whole load of other people playing Sim’s Social that are going to be happy to accept you, hence no bans, hence no problem.

Try it! I promise you, it works!