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How To Make it Look Like You Get 999 Friend Requests on Facebook

Perhaps something that many people on the internet want to know, this would be how to create those images with captions like “like my status and you’ll get 999 friend requests like me”.

The thing is, it’s really easy to do!

You can also do this with your notifications and messages too!

First step: Log into Facebook

Second step: Double right click the friend requests and click on ‘Inspect elements’. (Windows)

You will get something like this:

Or basically, a lot of mumbo jumbo that you guys really don’t need to know about.

Step 3: UseControl+F for non-mac users, and you can see that you can search the mumbo jumbo for specific things. Then enter “<span id=”requestsCountValue”>. This is something like what you should get:

Step 4: Double click on the number, and change the value! There you go, all done!