The FASTEST Way To Get FB Friends For Free, No Kidding

Been experimenting lately, and I think I’ve finally found the fastest possible way to get Facebook friends for free, and I guess I should have taken the clue from the word ‘social’ in the app’s name.

The game, ‘The Sim’s Social’ seriously adds people like wildfire. Everyone wants gifts to improve their Sim and essentially, it is the ultimate Facebook adding free for all, one that is unlike anything other, including Restaurant City, Tetris Battle etc.

My results from a few days of quite plainly going “Add Me :)” on the App’s latest status update have been tremendous. It’s been something like 20 friend request for every comment that I put on their wall, and there is even more to be done if you wanna get lots of friends.

What’s interesting is that each one of the app’s posts can garner a total of 2,000 comments. And what’s even more interesting is the fact that they are dominated by comments saying ‘Add me, I’ll give gifts’ etc. That just indicates that there is a whole load of other people playing Sim’s Social that are going to be happy to accept you, hence no bans, hence no problem.

Try it! I promise you, it works!

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