Stage 4, Part 2: Produce Valuable Content

Lesson 2 of my content school, and it is to produce valuable content for your audience. Something that they would want to recommend or quite simply share.

If you want to have a loyal readership, this one is absolutely key. Essentially, I think that a good readership is far more powerful than producing timeless content. The reason is simply because with timeless content, you’re relying literally 100% on Google (well, other search engines count too, but I guess it works out in the end).

You need to produce content that is contemporary yet something that can be easily understood even within a couple of year’s time, that would essentially be the best way to make money on the internet – producing a solid readership, along with getting those searches in to bring new readers.

This is actually one of the principles that I always write my blogs with, reason being that if people find the content valuable, they will return and even subscribe – which is ultimately my aim. To get new readers, and keep them on the website in the future. It’s what my target is, and realistically, it should be what you guys are targeting as well.

Top news agencies and blogs all have editors in all sorts of departments simply to avoid a PR disaster – something that will cause the website/news agency to lose their reputation. That’s the very reason why putting out valuable but factual information is so important. Opinion doesn’t count in this case, because it’s quite simply you putting your point of view across.

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