How To Add Facebook and Twitter Widgets to your Website

Hey guys, here’s another post from me teaching you guys how to add Facebook and Twitter widgets straight into the sidebars of your websites.

Adding Twitter

If you are having a self-hosted WordPress site, it is quite straightforward, reason being that you quite simply can add scripts to your website, so this is generally what the code should look like.

Quite simply, you can just go right here to install it.

The pros of Twitter? Well, generally, if you write about something interesting, it CAN (has the potential) to spread like wildfire, like seriously. Once you build-up a loyal following, you can really get your messages across to completely different people.

Adding a Facebook Widget

I personally like the classic ‘like’ button, so here’s the link to make that like button for your WordPress site. I recommend using the Wibiya toolbar if you want to implement both the Twitter follow button along with the Facebook like button, reason being that it will take up much less space, and it is much easier on the eye.

Pros of Facebook? People are more likely to actually read your post if they like your page. It’s simple as that, really.

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