Stage 5, Part 1: Making Money With Your Blog

Well, I’ve talked about content, setting up your blog, how to get traffic and making Facebook friends amongst other things.

Now I’ll be talking about how to make money with your WordPress blog.

My first message about making money with your WordPress blog is that there are so many different permutations regarding choosing the best way to make money. Here in this post, I will talk about them in general, rather than going into where you should go for such services. I’ll go into that next time.

The Short Term Plan: Banner Advertising

You want money fast, and you want it on the go? Then banner advertising is the way for you to go. This is when you add a script you get from your ad network (it could be Google AdSense, AdBrite and so many others) and this would be the one that you don’t lose PageRank by.

This one all depends on how much traffic you receive, as this one has nothing to do with PageRank. The script counts the number of impressions and clicks the advert receives, and gives out payments according to that. Most pay through CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) or CPC (cost per click).

The Short Term Plan: Link Advertising

One that I have experience high amounts of revenue with is link advertising. This would be when you are payed to put a link up on your blog. The reason why this is valuable? This one is most often not for the traffic – although it does make a difference – link advertising is mostly there to take a bit of your PageRank and reward you for it.

Realistically, you shouldn’t be thinking about this if your PageRank isn’t 2 or higher, as noone would really want to work with you if that was the case (sorry for being harsh, but that is the case with the real world).

The Short Term Plan: Affiliate Marketing

What is this? This is promoting another person’s product, and then selling it. It’s a great tool, as realistically, people are going to buy a product that someone recommends, rather than a product that someone created, and is trying to get full profits for.

That is simply the way that the world works. Affiliate marketing is great if you have an audience ready to dig into their pockets and pay for products.

The Long Term Plan: Build A List

For a lot of WordPress beginners, this will be new ground that I am about to cover. This also requires a lot of patience and work for it to succeed. The way it works is that you get people to subscribe to your e-mail list. Perhaps even give them a free product to sign up.

Then, in the future, you would be able to use that list to sell products to them. List building is perhaps one of the most valued tools in the online world, and it is one that is reliable along with sustainable. With a list, you can’t go wrong, but with that saying comes a lot of hard work and effort.

The Long Term Plan: Make Your Own Product

eBooks are all the rage these days, and I encourage you guys to make one. This is a long term plan because quite simply, if it is a timeless eBook, you will be able to sell it over and over again. That will be how you can make money.

Furthermore, you can always use ClickBank to market it further, with others getting their share for promoting your product. With eBooks – you hardly need to pay a dime – and quite simply, it’s profits all the way, so with an eBook that is actually full of partially valuable information, you can’t go wrong as well.

4 thoughts on “Stage 5, Part 1: Making Money With Your Blog

      1. lawliming Post author

        A few things. a) readers will remember the URL better b) if you self host you can advertise (eg. google adsense amongst other advertisers), plus it makes it much more customizable (eg. wider choice of themes, selection of plug-ins and etc.) lots of benefits, really. 🙂

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