Stage 4, Part 1: Produce Timeless Content

When it comes to a WordPress blog, I can’t stress the importance of you producing timeless content – something that maintains value over time.

Essentially, what you should be going for with content in your blog would be something that people would find relevant even something like 3 years down the road – this is the very reason why photography is so valued in the online world – it would be as valuable in the future as it is now.

For example, you write about a video game such as FIFA 12. It is not going to be relevant the following year once FIFA 13 is out, hence you will have to write a whole new article about FIFA 13 to try and get that audience back. Essentially, the content you produce about FIFA 12 is only going to be valuable for that one year from the FIFA 12 release date. After that, it has no value whatsoever.

So now, let me give you two examples of timeless content. First of, me writing about timeless content. Let’s face it, this will always be relevant in the online world. People will always be wondering what type of content they need to put on the net. That is essentially why I put out this post. I do it with the knowledge that people will continue to search for ways to produce a passive income – this being one of the tactics to try and achieve it.

My second example – recipes. How can a Fish & Chips possibly be outdated (at least for about 40 years)? People will continually want to learn how to make those Fish & Chips, hence making it a timeless recipe that you would have created if you put it on the internet. This will allow passive income – people will continually search for it and you’ll get the money from your advertising whilst you can focus on other projects. It really is quite a simple concept that I’m trying to get across.

That’s why although things that are popular – for example Twitter’s trending topics – they might not serve your best interests in the future. It’s better to go for something that can get you passive income, this will be the evergreen topics.

So that’s lesson 1 in the Li Ming content school.

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