Stage 3, Part 2: Improving SEO To Your Website

In this post, I’ll be sharing how to improve SEO to your website, this being essentially how to improve your search engine rankings. Here I’ll be showing a few tips and tricks as to how to get a higher Google PageRank.

#1: Include Your Website in Related Directories

One good way to improve the SEO of your website is essentially to get your links out there. You can do this by inserting your website link into related website directories, which will essentially improve your search engine rankings by taking their ‘Google Juice’.

Word of advice here though, do insert your website only into pages which have a higher PageRank than your actual website’s PageRank. When inserting into directories, I recommend only inserting to directories which have a PageRank of at least 3, this way, you can gain more from it – as most of the time you have to provide a link in return for having your link put up on their website.

#2: Have a Links Page

Don’t just give your homepage’s Google Rank away! Instead, make a page where you can quite simply insert links that you want to  include – which you are getting a return for. This will allow you to maintain a high Google PageRank and give you more searches to your blog.

#3: Comment on other related Blogs

A great way to improve the SEO of your blog is by commenting on other high PR blogs. This way, not only will you be tapping into the traffic of other blogs – other people click on the link on the blog page – but you will also gain from the link being put up on their blog.

You will get some of their ‘Google Juice’ and this will allow you to get additional searches. Don’t put your link in the comment though, just put it in the website section of most comment bars, most websites have those, as putting your link in the actual comment will quite simply make the link look spammy – the website owner might just reject the comment or edit it.

#4: SEO Optimization Plug-ins

You can work out how to do it yourself, or you can just use the plug-in that I recommended in one of my previous posts, just click here to learn more about that. Those plug-ins will make sure that you make the most out of your key words and people find you from Google.

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