Stage 1, Part 3: How To Install a Self Hosted WordPress Blog

I’ve talked to you guys about the best web hosts online. So, here’s the step-by-step guide on how to install your very own WordPress blog.

Step 1: Download WordPress
First of all, you’ve gotta get your very own file for WordPress. That can be downloaded here. Next, you’re going to need to unzip the file. And then, you need to use the FTP manager (I personally recommend Filezilla) and upload the files into the webhost directory of your preference.

Step 2: Create a Database, along with a User
This one depends on your hosting provider, as it may already have a WordPress database set up for you. If not, and your hosting provider provides cPanel, this would be how you would need to go about doing to. You need to log in to your cPanel, then Create a Database under the “MySQL Database Wizard” icon under the databases section.

Now, you need to create database users, then you would need to add a user to the database before allowing for all privileges in that section. Last of all, remember the database name and the user – take note of the hostname, username, databasename and the password of choice.

Step 3: Run Install

WordPress has made it easier for you to install their program, as you don’t need to edit your config. file anymore following a recent update. Now you simply need to type in the url of the directory where it was installed earlier, eg. . A screen will come up, and you will then need to insert your details into the page. If you are using cPanel, you will need to add user_database format upon entering your database name (step 2). You just have to enter your user name, not requiring to add your database host, table prefix etc.

A last page will appear, and it will ask for your Blog Title and Your e-mail. Hit “Install WordPress” after inputting your information and you’re ready to go!

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