4 of the Best Premium WordPress Themes

This post is here to show you guys the best that the internet has to offer if you are willing to stump up the cash. Here I’ll provide screenshots and links to the best premium WordPress themes on the net.

Theme: Magzimus

Price: US$ 35

An absolutely lovely theme with a great slider. Easily customizable, and it is very, very easy on the eye. Very much worth your $35. What you get includes easy colour customization to fit in with the theme of your blog. That’s a really neat feature. Along with that, there is automatic picture resizing, which is a valued trait of themes in the more contemporary times.

Paged navigation, along with built-in widgets are amongst the features on offer with this theme. It is truly a fantastic theme.

Download it here: http://themeforest.net/item/magzimus-blog-magazine-theme/124491

Theme: TheStyle

Price: US$ 39 (one time payment, lots of themes included in this price)

As again, a fantastic WordPress theme that is definitely worth its price. 5 colour schemes, easy customization and a wicked looking layout quite simply makes for an absolutely rocking WordPress theme. One that I would definitely recommend.

Easy customization is available – you can make it have a blog layout rather than your usual post excerpt with featured image on the home page, whilst you can also easily manage your advertisements with their advertising manager. Furthermore, they have their own sorta ePanel – which makes changing settings on your theme absolutely easy.

Download it here: http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/thestyle/

Theme: Headway Themes

Price: Varies

A fantastic ‘drag and drop’ WordPress theme maker. It is innovative and creative, and I really love the idea that you can drag and drop the boxes to make the WordPress theme. This theme can quite simply be explained with the short YouTube video below.

Download it here: http://headwaythemes.com

Theme: DelicateNews

Here I have another theme from ElegantThemes, this time it is DelicateNews, and I guess it is just as good as any of the other Premium WordPress themes mentioned above. I particularly love the way that they show the featured posts. Great for news websites.

4 colour schemes, advertising manager, support and updates from ElegantThemes, one of the best Premium Theme provider out there, along with ePanel support to allow for easy customization. As I have said with the other WordPress themes – one that I would definitely recommend.

Download it here: http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/delicatenews/

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