How To Get Thousands of Facebook Friends for Free

*NON-WP POST BONUS* Facebook can be very powerful. Much like a list, but perhaps even easier to make given the mutual connections you can have. Here are a few tips to make thousands of Facebook friends like me.

First of, I’d like to meet lots of you, so feel free to add my “Blog Facebook account” here:

Don’t add, let people add you! 

One of the misconceptions with getting lots of friends quickly is to just add everyone you see. Let me tell you first, that is most certainly not the way to go about it. The tactics regarding who to add on Facebook go as the following:

  • Only add people with lots of friends, eg. 3000 plus friends and a hundred plus subscribers
  • Add the people with the connections – add people with similar likes to you

The thing is, once you add a specific number of people without people accepting – you won’t be able to add for a couple of days, so it is important to spread out your adding (if you do) over a couple of days. My approach to getting friends has always been to do the following.

Go to fan pages of apps which are current (eg. Tetris Battle, Restaurant City and Temple Run) and I would just go on their latest post and go “Add Me :)”. Lots of people (maybe not lots, but you could get 3-6 adds for every comment you post on their wall post.

Join Groups 🙂

Groups. Really useful if you use them to your advantage. Reason behind this is because most people get notifications for posts made on groups, eg. the admin, furthermore, it is a known fact that people check their groups much more often than they check up on their favourite pages. One reason is because they themselves wanna add friends, gain gifts etc. and also because (at least for me) it’s quite annoying to have that number on the left sidebar on your Facebook homepage.

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