Stage 2, Part 1: What Plug-ins Should You Install?

If you are just beginning to find your way around WordPress, you might encounter something new that you haven’t heard before – plug-ins.

They make life a lot easier for you, and quite frankly, it would be really hard to manage blogs without anti-spam plugins like Akismet, along with some Ad Rotators – which help to garner more income from strategically placed ads. So here’s a list of 7 plugins that I would highly recommend you installing on your WordPress blog.

#1: Akismet

Why not start with the plug-in that I recommended in the introduction paragraph? A great plug-in, and one that I use on all my blogs because of it’s excellent functionality. Takes away the spam so I don’t have to see it, and it also allows me on my main focus – getting visitors, getting more money, and quite simply improving my blog.

Where to download it:

#2: The Wibiya Toolbar

A great tool to not only impress your viewers with it’s pizazz, but it will massively improve your presence on the web – it helps to get more interaction going, allows people to like and follow you on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and it allows for people to subscribe your blog too! What more could you want from a toolbar?

Where to find it:

(The steps are easy to follow on the website)

#3: Jetpack

Stats, URL shortener, allows easier embedding of videos from sites such as YouTube, a widget capable of showing latest tweets, a plug-in that allows for easier sharing – sharing buttons, and so much more! JetPack is a WordPress plug-in from the guys at Automattic, and it provides updates on a regular basis – constantly improving that plug-in of theirs. For me, a must have – especially because of the stats!

Where to download it:

#4: All in One SEO Pack

There are a few good SEO related plug-ins, but I reckon All in One SEO pack is the best that no money can get you. Easy to use, easy to understand and essentially a very good all around plug-in that will do a lot of that SEO stuff that you don’t need to know (at least I don’t) for you!

Where to download it:

#5: LinkWithin

There are quite a number of related posts plug-ins/widgets out there on the internet, but here’s one of the best for you. Providing clean, professional looking related posts at the bottom of posts. Easily customizable and just fantastic on the eye.

Where to download it:

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