Stage 1, Part 2: Hosting, and Other Administrative Stuff

So here’s where I go into how you buy your domains, along with how to get your website set up with WordPress if you decide not to go with the expensive ‘beginner’s way to set up a website’.

So here, I will be talking about where you should buy your websites, along with who to set up your website with. Hosting
Price: USD 18
This one can be set up by going to the dashboard section in (*For people just creating a new website, you have got to go to the “Create a Website” section, it’s self explanatory from there) You just go to the upgrades section and everything is very straightforward from there.

The pros and cons are easy to see. Like my summary, hosting is short and sweet. It is easy, and their support staff is just fantastic. But there is a downside to this, with there being high prices for this way of web hosting. It comes with a price, this being about USD18 per year. Good value, but there is much better value out there on the internet. Furthermore, you won’t be allowed to run Ads, unless of course you get good, high quality (and they are really strict on this) traffic towards your blog. Did I mention you need a lot of it? There is another exception. But you need to pay USD 3750 per month. Crazy. So, if you are planning to make money through, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it – although you can indeed make a list through this.

Non WordPress Blog Hosting
The steps for this are different, and I hope that you guys can follow. Essentially, you need to buy a domain, before paying for the web hosting, which will then be able to start you off. Essentially, the price of the web hosts I list later are not including the price for the actual domain.

Where to buy your domain is up to you. Most of the time, you have to point your DNS to your web hosting website – they have the how-to instructions on the websites. Where to buy domains from? I recommend NameCheap, along with for this. They come with prices of around USD 3 per year, pretty good value for your money, coupled with reliability.

Hostgator Hosting
Price: USD 4.95 a month

My personal recommendation for your web hosting needs. Cheap and relatively easy to understand. Hassle free and you get to control so much more than hosted sites. The themes available on WordPress are all readily available at the same prices, and you get the whole web’s worth of themes as well – in that aspect, you’r not missing out.

The pros for Hostgator hosting, include great support, cPanel support (which trust me, is a great asset to creating e-mails to do with your domain) along with it being uber reliable – 99.9% reliable, as they say. They’ve been in the business for a while, and they are perhaps the best out there. There aren’t many cons when it comes to Hostgator – but their prices for domains are ridiculous. DON’T buy domains from them. Prices will increase as you require more bandwidth.

Nearly Free Speech (
Price: From USD 0.25 per month
I love Nearly Free Speech – the reason is because they charge according to how much bandwidth you use. Great for newbies just looking to test web blogging out, because this will massively low the costs of the blogger.

The pros for Nearly Free Speech is that it is freaking USD 0.25 a month! Who wouldn’t want a deal like that! To be honest, if you are getting high traffic, I personally don’t think that Nearly Free Speech is the way forward for you, I would go with those USD 7.95 for unlimited bandwidth sorta deals. Those are more for you. Furthermore, there is no SSL (secure sockets layer) – no static IPs for all sites. A small difference, but a difference nonetheless.

The Others
The three I recommended above are three that I thought that people like you and me would take. I had the beginner’s way – simple, but expensive. The neutral way – good value for money. And I also showed you guys the uber cheap way – although it varies with traffic.

Others that I would recommend include:
*Bluehost: Unlimited bandwidth, along with a lot more unlimited things at USD 6.95 . For the pros of blogging, I guess – when you need that bandwidth.
*Dreamhost: Easy to use. USD 8.95 and comes packed with lots of features, including free domain registration – it saves lots of time as well – with it being packed together, no complicated DNS pointing among other bothersome chores. The more assessable web host.

And there you have it! 5 ways to web hosting! Be sure to come back once you’ve gotten your site online to see what to do next!

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