Stage 1, Part 1: What is your website going to be about?

So, before you get into hosting and more complicated web design and the actual posting, you’re going to have to decide what you are going to write about.

What I personally recommend is blogging about something that you love writing, although it also has to be something that you would actually get a decent amount of traffic from elsewhere. Whether it be reviews, a personal blog or simply a site where you vent your opinion on anything (whether it be politics, football like me, or even the world of motorsports), the possibilities are virtually endless.

If you listen to my advise, you will be able to get lots of tips to start your blog, so do follow me.

So, carrying on, you need to decide on what exactly you want to write about – do take your time with this, because this is actually very important – you don’t want to spend 4 hours a week fitting themes and conjuring posts up for 2 months before deciding that the topic of which you are talking about isn’t for you, or simply isn’t for the general public – not enough traffic. Because rest assured, with me, you’ll learn how to get quality traffic, good SEO and simply lots of viewers if you simply check up on my blog every now and then. The way that I explain things is chronological, and you can simply follow on with every single step – or even search particular topics, and I am sure that you will find what you’re looking for within time.

So, do take something like 10 minutes deciding on the topic of your blog. If you’re really lazy and you’re actually looking for ‘passive income’ right now, here are a few topics that I would recommend:

A Recipes Website: Perhaps the most easiest way to get traffic via SEO once your posts are done. Most recipes are all relevant in the modern world, and as the saying goes, eventually someone’s going to find it. Google can be of great assistance, and with resilience, a website in this category can be big.

Self Improvement Websites: People are always hungry for knowledge, so if you offer them advice on self improvement, someone is going to want to view the blog. I can guarantee you this. If you give good advice, your website can spread pretty quickly.

A Personal Blog: Has the potential to be really successful, but you really need to have that ‘it’ factor in your life. It has to be interesting, or quite simply, the way you present yourself is innovative. Photography blogs are always nice – they’re the reason why GIFBoom and Instagram, along with Tumblr are all the rage.

WordPress Related Blogs: I’m writing a WordPress related blog and I’m recommending you guys a couple of things. The fact that you guys are reading this right now is testament to the power of this particular niche.

The Name
What’s in a domain?

Everything! Well, almost everything. Branding is so important – that’s why picking the right title and domain for your website is an absolute essential. People remember you by the name of your blog, and this will create your very own presence on the internet.

For example, do your think that people would actually know what AIG stands for? Most people just recognize it as AIG and don’t remember the full name of the company. So keep your blog’s name is short – or at least have an acronym that is easy to search up.

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